View Full Version : Still unable to connect to Belkin wireless network

2005-10-11, 19:49
Hello all

I've been having problems for a while connecting to my Belkin adsl modem and router. The slim device recognizes the network and all is well until connecting. It just keeps coming up with problem:unable to connect to wireless network. It works like a dream over ethernet but I am totally stumped as to why it won't connect wirelessly. I am assuming its something in the router setup because but of my vey limited experience I'm not sure if I've missed something. The internet works fine wirelessly but for some reason the squeezebox just won't connect. I've tried updating the firmware but no joy. I was just wondering if anyone else has had problems trying to connect a squeezebox to a belkin wireless network. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated

2005-10-11, 20:27
If you want help or advice, you're going to have to give us the network setup details, your configuration, etc. In a previous post, Ceejay threw out some things for your consideration. Did you follow-up on those? If so, please post more to help diagnose what's going on.

*) What model belkin?
*) Are the SSIDs the exact same on both the SB2 and the AP?
*) Is your security still disabled on both?
*) Have you verified the MAC address on your SB2 matches that on the bottom label?

and for later

*) Are you running a DHCP server on your router/AP?
*) Is the firewall configured to allow access?