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2005-10-09, 22:00

I'm a British expatriate working in Singapore and have just ordered a Squeezebox 2, primarily for the purpose of using it as an internet radio alarm clock in the bedroom, and also because I want to play with developing for the thing.

Basically, Singapore breakfast radio sucks more than you could possibly imagine - it causes me to go to work feeling violent and angry - so I want to wake up to the sound of radio stations I'm more familiar with tin the UK.

However, what I'd REALLY love is the ability to wake up to a British breakfast show from the day before. For example, getting up on Tuesday morning at 7:00am to Monday's breakfast show that started at 7am.

Is there an easy way of doing this? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Patrick Dixon
2005-10-10, 01:04
I haven't tried it, but couldn't you use the alarm to play a playlist consisting of one of the 'listen again' BBC streams. You'd need AlienBBC.

2005-10-10, 02:33
I've done this with Chris Moyles Listen Again - works fine.

Patrick Dixon
2005-10-10, 02:54
... or you could just wake up to 'I've got you Babe' every morning until you got the day 'right' ;-)

2005-10-10, 03:54
Thanks guys! It's all set up (SlimServer and AlienBBC), I've tested it with SoftSqueeze and the radio's fine.

Now I just have to wait for my SqueezeBox 2 to arrive!

The only slight problem was that when I initially installed SlimServer, it would keep hanging on 'SlimServer Starting...' until I uninstalled and re-installed.

Thanks again! I have a feeling I'm going to like this...

2005-10-14, 04:59
Wake up to yesterday's Wogan...

2005-10-25, 22:52
Hi, thanks for all your replies. I am now able to do this (well, until the next time I disconnect...) but I have a small question.

I'm waking up to the 'Chris Moyles Show' on Radio 1 - in the Radio 1 list it shows 'The Chris Moyles Show' and then 'The Chris Moyles Show MON'-'The Chris Moyles Show FRI'. I was hoping that 'The Chris Moyles Show' was always the latest one - and it seems to be - however, if I add this to a 'Wake up Radio' playlist, whenever it plays it, it seems to find the show from the day I originally set up the playlist.

Do I have to set up individual days to individual playlists - IE Tuesday plays a 'Wake up on Tuesday' playlist playing the MON show, Wednesday plays a 'Wake up on Wednesday' playlist playing the TUE show etc, or is there a better way of doing it?


2005-10-26, 00:04
The playlist is just a text file (with Unix line endings).

I don't know if it is possible to edit that file to work the way you want, but you could try.

It wouldn't surprise me if when you saved the playlist it automatically put in the date, and deleting that might work.

2005-10-26, 15:31
A while ago, I set up an automated process to do something similar to this.

I created a batch file which used mplayer to grab a radio program from a Real audio stream, and saved it as a wav file. The batch file then encodes it to an MP3, and places it in iTunes ready to be synced to my iPod.

You could do a similar thing, whereby you set your computer to grab the program you want, save it to the same file everyday, and then have slimserver play the local file on your PC.

If you're interested in doing this, let me know and I'll publish my batch file, if that's helpful.