View Full Version : Saving streamed files off internet radio?

Mike Anderson
2005-10-09, 15:51
Is there anyway to get Slimserver to save files (preferably as individual songs) streamed from internet radio stations? I know there is other standalone software to do it (e.g. Radiolover), but it'd be nice to be able to do it through my Squeezebox2.


2005-10-14, 00:46
I'm not an expert, and haven't thought this through, but maybe it'd be possible to make a plugin that launches a batch file on the server when you listen to an internet radio stream.

For example, when I listen to streaming MP3 stations on my PC, I have a batch file which launches a program which captures the stream, and then launches the captured file in Winamp. Maybe we could have similiar functionality..

No idea how to make it happen though!