View Full Version : Slimserver install error

2005-10-08, 18:41
New computer... reinstalling the slimserver software. Get the following error during the install -

"C:\Program Files\SlimServer\SlimTray.exe
An error occured while trying to copy a file:
The source file is corrupted."

Downloaded version 6.1.1 from the download page.
Windows XP Pro version.

2005-10-08, 19:37
Have you tried deleting the installer program and any files it may have copied (C:\Program Files\SlimServer)and then downloading a new copy? It sounds like you may have got some data corruption during the download. That sounds like a likely place to start.

2005-10-08, 19:58
Did exactly what you suggest, downloaded it again. It worked this time... I know it's the first thing you should check but I just didn't do it. Thanks!

Oh well, life is good now. :)