View Full Version : Squeezebox hostname ?

2005-10-08, 17:40
Hello there !

I'd like to assign an IP to my squeezebox through static DHCP with my WRT54GS router.

But for this to work, I need to inform my router about the hostname (in addition to MAC-adress and the IP it is censed to obtain by DHCP) of the device that should static-dynamically be assigned (I use DD-WRT firmware, which provides really complete functions, similar to Sveasoft "Oh so expensive firmware", but for free :p)...

I have unfortunately not been able to find if this could be set or aknowledged... I must confess I've found some piece of information about this problem, but not any way to set or know the "hostname"...

Could anyone help me ?

2005-10-08, 18:01
Assuming this firmware works like every other DHCP server I've worked with, the hostname you're entering there is for the routers benefit - you can enter anything you like. The device itself doesn't know it's own hostname. Does it not work if you just enter "Squeezebox"?

2005-10-09, 07:40
Thanks for answering Radish.

Unfortunately, I've tried to put dummy names but it still doesn't work...

I must have missed something and will try again this kind of assignation...

Edit : wireless/ethernet bridging was activated on the squeezebox... deactivating it did the trick... though I had to wirely connect my SB in order to access the option.