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Mike Anderson
2005-10-07, 23:12
I just wanted to say thanks to the folks who've developed this excellent product - I'm REALLY enjoying my Squeezebox2!

I just revamped my whole musical setup to get into the mid-fi (hi-fi?) thing, with a new Musical Fidelity amp and Magnepan speakers -- and the Squeezebox2 at the heart of my setup. And I just have to say, I'm in audio heaven!

I took the time to burn all my CDs in FLAC, and this thing really makes it all worth it -- What a way to have access to all my music. And the internet radio is the icing on the cake. I've been into internet radio for a while, but the Squeezebox makes it all so convenient and gorgeous-sounding, I just love it!

I'm sitting here in a big comfortable chair the middle of my living room bathing in musical beauty; there's nothing like it. Even my wife has to admit how cool it is.

I really hope all you folks get rich like you deserve to!


2005-10-08, 01:22
i'll second that - my chums were so impressed that 3 of them have gone out and ordered one and I'm considering a second one for the bedroom!

Fedora Core 4+800 GB+SB2+Primare SPA20+Monitor Audio PMC603

(I have also achieved a geeky thumbs up from my better half!)