View Full Version : 6.1.1 and Itunes 4.9 (17) across multiple hard drives

2005-10-07, 09:50
My itunes library just exceeded my first hard drive and I am adding files to a second hard drive.

I have preferences in as keep iTunes organized.

Squeezbox followed iTunes to the new hard drive but dropped all the previous songs on the other hard drive.

What do I do to get them to communicate across multiple hard drives?

Great piece of hardware by the way!

2005-10-07, 22:40
I had a similar arrangement (before i bought a terastation so everything is on a remote nas drive). Basicaly the itunes xml file should be all Slimserver needs to know where to find the file whatever drive it is on (assuming you are using the "itunes to manage" option. Are you sure itunes knows where your old files are? Try playing a few - if not you might need to force it to rescan (itunes advanced option change the music directory to something else then change it back) But if you are using "keep organised" I think your old files should have been copied to the new folder location in hich case silmserver might be looking for them in the "old" location. In that case a rescan from slimserver (from scratch) would be my advice.

2005-10-08, 12:04
I downloaded the lated Beta hoping that might help - no luck.

Squeezebox is only recognizing what is on the lastes hard drive.

iTunes will play anything in the 600 albums.

I am not keeping organized as it would copy everything to one drive and I wouldn't have room.

Slim was originally pointed to the old source and followed iTunes to the new one and only the new one dropping the old?