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2005-10-05, 22:39
Greetings - I have a NAS that runs slimserver, and need to have both iPOD/iTunes music files, but am mainly listening to FLAC on the SB2's in the house. I would like to have all my music in one library. While I have FLACs of all of my CD's and MP3's of the same, I do have some MP3 or OggVorbis only on some music (from friends, etc.) and some protected files.

I would like to see an ability for SlimServer to prefer certain formats over other formats (preferably on a per-player state) if multiple files have the same name (with just different encoding).

Are there others that are similarly interested? If so, I'll file a feature request.

2005-10-05, 23:18

2005-10-07, 02:48
Thank's KDF.