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Skoff, Robert P.
2005-10-05, 10:21
I know that this might not be the right forum for the following
question, but I'll throw it out here because you all seem so

Songs from my SB2 are now stuttering or slowing down during just about
every other song. The task manager does not indicate that it is
occurring during high level cpu use.

Any ideas on how to prevent the slowing down or stuttering of songs?


2005-10-05, 10:52
I've found that my wireless SB2 suffers stutters and dropouts when someone uses the computer that Slimserver is running on to surf the web...

2005-10-05, 23:20
My original SliMP3 started displaying symptoms like that just before my server's hard-drive died :(

2005-10-06, 11:08
1. is your connection wireless or wired?
2. does it occur seemingly at random or always at the same point in tracks?
3. is it a stuttering or a brief pause & resume?

2005-10-07, 07:40
Such problems are very rare on Squeezebox2 because it has a relatively large streaming buffer. If you're getting dropouts it probably means something is quite wrong with the network connection or the computer.

Try Squeezenetwork - does internet radio work okay?