View Full Version : Additional library stats?

2005-10-05, 09:41
Is there anyone else beside myself that would be interested in seeing additional library stats beyond just the number of arists, albums and tracks? Probably on a seperate server settings page.

In addition to the above, I think it would be both interesting and helpful to have stats such as:

- Total library play time (expressed in hours:minutes:seconds).

- Total library storage, in gigabytes.

- Broken down by codec: number of tracks, play time, storage.

- Broken down by genre: number of tracks, play time, storage.

The last two are really more interesting than anything else, but it should be trivial to query these stats from the SQL database.


2005-10-05, 11:36
Yes to all of them, particularly the last two. Would help a lot with troubleshooting file count mismatches between slimserver, windows explorer and J River. I'd also like albums per artist and tracks per artist in a long list, for the same reason.