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2005-10-05, 05:05

I've had an SB2 for a few months, and yesterday I took delivery of my second SB2 which is synched together.

Unfortunately I get dropouts at the track boundaries when I play albums that have a continuous stream of music.

It only happens when the SB2 are synchronised. Each on their own play the music seamlessly.

Also The Crossfade is set to None for each.

My server is running on an XP SP2 box with 1Gb ram and 2.6Ghx AMD processor (and perf stats shows everything is idling)

I have V6.1.1 of the slimserver software (running the compiled version as a windows service not the pure perl version)

All the music is FLAC

It is 100% reproducible (but not noticeable unless the music doesn't have any gaps - ie if the album has a standard 2 sec interval between tracks the dropout is too short to be noticed).

Any ideas what's causing this? is it a bug?


PS Although I've been playing with writing plugins I have removed all my plugins from the plugins directory, so it's only 'standard' plugins running.

2005-10-05, 06:29
I don't know if it's classified as a "bug" per se (or just a side effect of the design), but it's a known issue. When players are synced they take the opportunity to resync at track boundaries, which leads to the glitch you hear. For what it's worth this annoys me too, as much of what I listen to is gapless. Makes it impossible for me to use synchronization.

I think this http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=259 is probably the best thing to vote for.

2005-10-05, 06:47
Thanks for that - I've voted . . .