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Paul Webster
2005-10-04, 09:28
I'm not a big user of news feeds - but thought I'd give it a try by pointing by Slimserver at a blog on Blogspot.
It didn't work - but I think the reason is that the default from Blogspot is Atom rather than RSS.

I expect that I could find a 3rd-party site that does Atom to RSS conversions ... but has anyone looked to see how easy it would be to put an Atom reader into the current Slimserver newsticker stuff?
(searching these forums for Atom doesn't find anything related to this use of the word - and nothing in the WiKi)

2005-10-22, 10:49
Erm, nothing much to add except 'me too'. Oddly enough, also with a blogspot blog.

I've got some time on my hands, I'll have a look at how much work it would be to add support for it. I'll go ask in the Developers' forum...