View Full Version : removing the MM/ML plugins

2005-10-04, 06:24
is it just me or did my slimserver get downright zippy as soon as i removed
the music magic and mood logic plugins? in fact, i've now removed all non
essential plugins in the hope of getting a little extra performance. (1.7ghz
P4, 768mb RAM v6.2 nightly from 9/12)

does this make any sense at all?

2005-10-04, 07:20
> does this make any sense at all?

They shouldn't slow down slimserver as long as they're not enabled. Go to
the server settings to disable them.

You will at least get a little memory back if you remove them from your
folders - though I'm not sure whether this will have any effect with the
Windows version. :-/



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