View Full Version : Roku vs Slim, re Rhapsody

2005-10-03, 10:35

As a long-time Slim Devices champion - having successfully convinced three
friends to get Slimp3 or Squeezebox devices - I wanted to raise a discussion
point with the group about Roku and Rhapsody.

Something I've never been able to get working properly is the RealSlim
plugin on the Slimp3. Despite Vidur's help, on my setup it always seemed too
slow and tended to freeze the computer.

Now I know there has been some controversy about the Roku Soundbridge but
I've been testing it for a while. It doesn't have nearly the same level of
bells and whistles as the Slim device - I'm already getting annoyed at the
lack of sleep or alarm functions in the basic setup and the search function
isn't nearly as good.

But the interface with Rhapsody works brilliantly, and far better than on
any similar device I've tried. Again the search isn't as good as on
RealSlim, but on my set-up it's much more reliable. Because I have so much
respect and admiration for Slim Devices and have been such an advocate of
theirs, I didn't really want the Roku to work. But I have to say it does
work, and on Rhapsody in particular very well.

So I wanted to ask... where do things stand on development of the Rhapsody
plugin? Does the Slimserver Rhapsody plugin work differently to the Roku
connection to Rhapsody?