View Full Version : Slim.exe CPU Usage and MMM reload interval

2005-10-03, 08:51
Lately I have been noticing slim.exe hogging the CPU frequently and for long periods of time. It's causing other programs to crash and generally making my PC unusable. I think it is related to the MusicMagic Library Reload Interval setting because I have been doing a lot of tweaking to my files lately and updating the MMM library. The default for this field is 60 seconds… does else anyone this is too low for the default?

I've just reset mine to something like 40,000 seconds so it only happens every 12 hours or so (I think I did the math right!). Is there any chance this could be changed to a minutes setting instead of seconds? Who would need to sync more often than once a minute?

2005-10-03, 10:27
I've had problems with slim.exe using 90-100% of my CPU for the last week or so. I've resorted to shutting it down when I use the PC. I've unchecked the MMM plugin, but it hasn't helped me any.

2005-10-03, 10:59
Hmmm. I ended slim.exe, restarted SlimServer, and disabled the MMM reload by setting it to zero. I also have not modified any music files since restarting slimserver. Slim.exe is back to eating up my CPU.

opchiasm, are you using the 6.2 beta?

2005-10-03, 11:07
Yes, I am.