View Full Version : Flac comment tag. Excess text causing Slimserver torunbadly?

2005-10-02, 11:19
> I use FreeBSD (http://freebsd.org). Unix, not Linux but runs
> very well on small machines. My Slimserver is running on my
> mail/web/webDAV server which is a 500Mhz box. A friend of
> mine is running Slimserver on FreeBSD on a 100MHz 64Mb box
> with no issues.
> I don't bother with GUI's on these things though... they
> consume more ram than the Slimserver app :)

I tried FreeBSD as I had been recommended it for underpowered machines, but
ended up with a command prompt and not enough time to work out how to use
I now have PCBSD, which is supposed to be simple to install and leaves you
with a gui (hooray!). I intend to use the gui to set up the machine, set up
Slimserver, then turn off the gui, put the laptop in a drawer and and never
touch it again.
Ha ha ha.

Simon Turner
Barcombe UK