View Full Version : The 9-30 Release plays a lot more songs in sync before stopping

Chris H.
2005-10-01, 20:34
Hey, this is cool, a lot more songs play now before things stop. They still do, I can't play indefinitely, but there has been some improvement with the 9-30 release. I haven't tried the very latest yet. I can play at least 20 songs now before the music shuts off, and it starts up again if I hit skip. This makes me feel a lot more confident about the system. As I have zero programming skills, and wouldn't even know where to begin, I have to sit back here in the gallery shouting cheers of encouragement.


Chris H.

2005-10-02, 11:38
I have seen this same behavior for a long time, with 6.1 and with various 6.2 betas - so thanks for the note, I'll try 9-30 or 10-1.

However, the behavior has been a little different for me. I have four SB2s synching, connected by wired Gigabit Ethernet. SlimServer running on a dedicated Mac Mini, picking up its library from iTunes . There for a while I thought the "freezing up" behavior was related to a problem with certain tracks in my lib that have special characters in the name. But that bug has been fixed, and the freezing up problem remains. What happens to me:

-- Typically I can get through something over 128 tracks before freezing - usually somewhere in the 130 to 150 range. This usually takes a day or so to happen.

-- However, sometimes it happens more quickly, which *seems* to be related (might not be) to skipping cuts (using the FFwd button on the SB2 remote). Skipping seems to make the freezing problem happen more quickly.

-- Just like your description, the freezing *typically* (but not always) happens when making the transition from one track to the next. *Most* of the time I can get things going again by skipping (FFwd from remote), it plays the next track OK - and in fact, if you immediately skip backwards, it will play the track it was having trouble playing.

-- *But* sometimes, it hangs the server (process) in a way that it won't respond. You can try closing it down from the control panel on the Mac (the way a service is installed there), and the button goes gray, but never goes black. Rebooting is necessary to recover.

-- *And* sometimes this "bad" mode of failure happens in the middle of a track. Like maybe once every 2-3 days, say once in every 3-5 of these other failure modes.

There are some interesting details of the difference in the display behavior. When the "good" (recover with Skip) failures happen, the SB2 displays are normal, they keep scrolling. When the "bad" ones happen, the SB2 display freezes part-way through a scroll of the name.

Dean or Dan, not sure if this is already a known bug that got fixed in the 9-30 nightly, but thought I should ask. Does this fit your knowledge of a known problem?

2005-10-05, 11:54
Been using the 10-3 6.2 nightly for 2.5 days now, and this problem of "freezing up while playing in synch mode" has not recurred. Hooray!

Thanks for fixing this!

2005-10-24, 11:35
I've been living with this build for the last few weeks, and the freezing-up behavior is much better -- but not entirely gone. Now it hangs once or twice a week (with heavy usage of several hours a day). Once it hangs I have to reboot the Mac to get things going again. The "Stop Server" button in the OS X control panel won't respond.

Dan or Dean, since this behavior "improved" with this build relative to earlier ones, is it a known problem? Will a later build fix it entirely (I hope)?