View Full Version : rescanning with iTunes plugin

2005-10-01, 13:07
I'm on OpenBSD 3.6, running SlimServer 6.1.1. I am using iTunes to manage my library and have the iTunes plugin working fine. It knows where my library is and will rebuild the DB correctly when I initiate a rescan manually.

However, I would like it to rescan once a day. I have the rescan plugin turned on to rescan at 11am, but it never does. How do I know? Well I'm adding music regularly and the new tracks are not in the SlimServer DB.

I've also got the iTunes Reload Interval set to 3600, which should wait for an hour after it notices any changes before it reloads. This doesn't appear to be working either.

BTW I don't have a Music Folder set in Server Settings.

Any help would be appreciated.

2005-10-02, 12:48
Replying to ones own post, bad form.

Anyway I figured out why it wasn't working. I am trying to be too clever. A bit more information about my configuration. The OpenBSD server is also serving up a Samba share to a Windows laptop. That Windows laptop is what is using iTunes. I was hoping that slimserver would be able to access the iTunes DB to keep its DB upto date.

The iTunes plugin does see the iTunes DB when I tell it where to look. However, since the iTunes DB lists M:... as the location of the files (which is what the Windows laptop sees) the new files aren't added since the path M:... is not accessible to slimserver.

I disabled the iTunes plugin since it is not really useful in my configuration. I just have the rescan plugin now and it is working fine.