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Dan Goodinson
2005-10-01, 09:22
Many thanks!

Although now I'm even more confused :-/

I stopped SS, renamed the .db file to a .db.old file. Then restarted SS and MusicMagicMixer.

On restart, SS didn't automatically rescan. So I did used the "Wipe Cache" option.
After SS had completed scanning the library, the phantom track is STILL there!!
So this time I stopped SS, renamed the .db file to .db.old (the original one now is called .db.older) and restarted SS.
Additionally, I went the location that SS thinks the file is at - and I physically moved the file. It's on the desktop - SS can't see it anymore.
Restarted SS and MMM. Still no automatic scan on restart.
And even though the file no longer exists, SS still references it!!

So it can't be a dodgy tag on the file itself, because as far as SS is concerned the file is no longer even there?! So it must be storing the information somewhere else. I'm still also seeing the phantom genres that no longer exist.

Are there any other locations that SS uses to cache data??


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Yep, that's the one to delete.



2005-10-01, 09:39
Here's a faster way to ensure that you get a total clean, rescan and setup.

1) Stop slimserver.
2) Delete the entire server\Cache directory
3) Start slimserver

A rescan and complete rebuild of the db and Cache directory will occur.