View Full Version : Can I run two ibooks on one squeezebox?

2005-10-01, 08:56
Total newbie here.I got the SB for x-mas and have been loving it ever since.
I have a G3 ibook and a G4 ibook (the wifes) running OS10.2.8 and 10.4.2 respectively,running wireless DSL.
Is it possible to have two seperate computers running slimserver on each system to use one SB.(not simultaneusly of course!)
I ask because we both have huge itunes librarys and don't really want to mix them all on onto ibook.
I tried restarting the SB and going thru the network settings but it only wanted to recognize one or the other IP addresses,not both at the same time.
Thanks for any help,

2005-10-01, 09:34
Yes, sure you can. No problem. You can cycle through any number of servers, including SqueezeNetwork. You do this at network setup, when it asks for a server to connect to.

Another clever mechanism is described here, using port forwarding: