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2005-10-01, 07:06
I've taken Malcolm's questions from the Developer forum and answered them here to try and keep things a bit more on topic over there. Hope noone minds, least of all Malcolm!

1) You can have whatever genres you like. Just tag your music with whatever genres you want and SlimServer/RandomPlay will use them.

2) Yes. You can add multiple genre tags to tracks or you can use a separator character and tell SlimServer about it. The first option is preferred, but I personally still use the latter. For example, some of my tracks have a genre of Electronica;Dance. I tell SlimServer to use the semicolon as a separator character (Server Settings -> Behaviour -> Multiple items in tags) and those tracks show up under both Electronica and Dance.


1) Can genres be user configurable? My classification doesn't really match
any worldview of genres so I'd be (ab)using the genre tag to make it work

2) Can a track be in more than one genre? How?