View Full Version : Playback stops when synced.

Chris H.
2005-09-29, 19:56
Hokay so,

I have one Squeezebox2, and 2 Softsqueeze boxes. Upgraded to the 9/29 release of slim server and 10b for softsqueezes. Doesn't seem to matter what version I'm using, all of them have done the same thing. I load a playlist, hit play, a few songs will play (1-8) , the song playing will end normally, and then it wont start playing the next song. If I hit stop in the server browser, the next song starts to play (sometimes) ?! It plays for a few secs, and then quits again. Seems like it plays longer (more songs in a row) with a smaller playlist (1-15 tracks) without shuffle on. Sometimes playback will resume again for a few more songs if I hit skip. Sometimes nothing works, and I have to restart everything (the server and the softsq's). If the playlist is longer (50+) the server gets very finiky and will usually only complete 2-3 songs before stopping sometimes it won't start at all...

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Chris H.