View Full Version : clicking between tracks with latest nightly 28/9

2005-09-29, 12:13
I've just rebuilt my server using exactly the same hardware and networking (os was corrupt) and downloaded the 29/sept build of 6.2

My Squeezebox2 is plaing fine but my SliMP3 has some faint clicks inbetween each song and at the start when you hit play.

Just 1 faint click.

Any ideas?

Win2k3 SBS, SP1
1gb RAM
160 Maxtor HD
Music is on a 300gb Maxtor connected to a Linksys NSLU2


2005-09-29, 12:30
all my music is MP3 160kbps or higher, max 256.

My squeezebox2 is on a wireless 54g segment connected to a buffalo airstation. My slimp3 is connected to an 11mbps Netgear wireless bridge.

All was running fine with 6.2 build from a week or so back. I will problably roll it back anyway to double check.