View Full Version : Internet Radio Dropouts Only on Specific Station mms://

2005-09-29, 07:37
When I use SlimServer to play the following radio station:


I get regular and frequent pauses in the playback. When I check Task Manager/Networking what I see is that the wireless network at regular intervals drops to zero utilization then spikes back up. This coincides with the dropout/pause in the sound stream. The network utilization graph looks like a heart monitor. It appears that no sound is lost but there is a noticeable pause.
The pause also seems to coincide with SlimServer refreshing or doing something else as I hear the SlimServer click on my computer coincident with the dropout.

I do not have the same problem if I play the same stream directly on my computer (which is on wireless net) through Windows Media Player. I also do not have the same problem with any other radio stream.

My network is in my home and serves only one computer and the slimdevice so it isn't a network capacity or interference problem and my wireless signal is very strong throughout the house. I have tried boosting the priority assigned in Windows to Slim.exe.

Occasionally I'll lose the stream entirely and have to pause the player and restart it which restarts the stream.

I am running the latest slimserver software and using an original slim device. I also have a ver 2 box which I will soon try if I don't find another solution.

I have attached a picture of my network utilization. Any help greatly appreciated as I've searched all the forums and not found an answer that works.


2005-09-29, 07:42
I should note I'm running a notebook with the most updated version of Windows XP with plenty of memory, speed, etc.