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2005-09-29, 05:16
>>> Munge.1w40k0 (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com 09/29/05 3:26 AM >>>
> I know this has been discussed quite a lot, but without any
> detailed explanations, could you give a rough estimate of
> the SB2 internal DAC quality? How much would I have to
> pay for a CD player to get a significantly better sound quality
> than I get from the SB2 using the internal DAC? (I know
> there are crappy CD players for $1000 and pretty
> good ones for $300, but I'm looking for a ballpark value.)

Exactly. You've answered your own question.
If you want better sound, get an external DAC.
That's what I did and it was a very good investment.

I'll grab something Pat Farrell posted about the sb

"The build-in SqueezeBox DAC is not bad. Probably on the
order of those built into consumer "home theater" receivers.
I bought a Sony receiver with 5 channels and all sort of features
for $300 at Circuit City. I can't tell any difference
between either the SqueezeBox's $5 DAC or the Sony's $5 DAC"

I'd have to agree.

I've permanently ditched my Denon CD player and
all the hassle that goes along with managing individual
CDs. The DAC in that thing was probably on an order
of magnitude more expensive than the sb2 DAC, and
once I added my Benchmark DAC (used to have a
Big Ben Apogee) there's no comparison.

And that's still 1/3 the price of the Denon.


2005-09-29, 05:24
>>> bludragon.1w4dzb (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com 09/29/05 8:16 AM >>>
> I would estimate that the internal dac is of a similar quality to
> a stand alone cd player of around the same or slightly lower
> price.

Speaking of which, I think the internal DAC is a Crystal 4334 DAC,


Ben Sandee
2005-09-29, 07:27
On 9/29/05, PAUL WILLIAMSON <pwilliamson (AT) mandtbank (DOT) com> wrote:

> Speaking of which, I think the internal DAC is a Crystal 4334 DAC,
> right?

If you are talking about the SB2, then no. You might want to reverify if Pat
said that about the SB1 or the SB2 DAC because they are very different


"High fidelity Burr-Brown™ 24-bit DAC"


2005-09-29, 10:51
SLIMP3 (2001):
DAC: Crystal CS4334

Squeezebox1 (2003):
DSP/DAC: Micronas MAS3539 (integrated single chip):

Squeezebox2 (2005):

DSP: Slim Devices' software (on Ubicom ip3023)
DAC: Burr-Brown PCM1748E

2005-09-29, 10:57
In terms of DAC and DSP features/performance, Squeezebox1 is basically the same as SLIMP3, except with the addition of s/pdif output and pcm passthrough capability.

Squeezebox2 architecture has nothing in common with Squeezebox1 except for the internal OS and few other layers of software.

2005-09-30, 11:46
I had an older Carver Tube Reference CD player that cost me well over $1500 when I originally bought it. After only three days of listening to my SB2, I threw it in a box and its now collecting dust in my basement. I was absolutely shocked at how much better the SB2's DAC was.

Another factor in the DAC quality debate is the age of the DAC. Recent DACs have far surpased even (very) expensive older DACs in quality.

Technology keeps moving forward. Isn't it great?!