View Full Version : SB2 internal DAC quality equals that of a $??? CD player

2005-09-29, 00:26
I know this has been discussed quite a lot, but without any detailed explanations, could you give a rough estimate of the SB2 internal DAC quality? How much would I have to pay for a CD player to get a significantly better sound quality than I get from the SB2 using the internal DAC? (I know there are crappy CD players for $1000 and pretty good ones for $300, but I'm looking for a ballpark value.)

2005-09-29, 01:26
If you look over at the audiophiles section, you'll see those who prefer the SB2 over their hi-end CD players costing several thousands of US dollars. So it's probably very difficult to answer your question with even a ball park figure.

2005-09-29, 05:16
I would estimate that the internal dac is of a similar quality to a stand alone cd player of around the same or slightly lower price.

'significantly better' is very subjective and will be very dependant on the quality of the amp and speakers.

IMO, The squeezebox2 has a better sound than my cheap dvd player.
The NAD C541 has a better sound than the squeezebox2.
A cyrus DACx is significantly better than either the NAD C541 or the squeezebox2, but that didn't make it worth the cost (to me). This is all with an amp and speakers+stands at a similar price level to the NAC C541 (ie more than the squeezebox2).