View Full Version : Composer field using ; a sep char causes Artists field to disappear

2005-09-28, 11:24
Under an album when browsing by artist, I've noticed some tracks do not have their Artists displayed in the web listing for certain (albumartist=)Various Artists compilations.

I discovered that such tracks had a ';' character in their Composer fields, separating the various composers. When composers have a ; as the separator character, Artist will not show up.

Changing the ; to a / (which is the specified seperator character for ID3v2.3) allows Artist to appear.

It seems that WMP-tagged data uses the ; character instead of the / character. Still, a ; instead of / probably should not cause Artist to stop appearing.

Can someone who's knowledgable about the code here comment on this? Is this a bug?

svn. 4430

2005-09-30, 10:31
I'm hoping someone has a little info on this. Anyone?