View Full Version : Power management on laptop running Slimserver

2005-09-28, 00:06
I plan to get an SB2 and use an old Thinkpad 240 as server. I have installed Slimserver and it seems to be OK. The problem is that my network card (an old Dlink DE-650) hangs/goes to sleep after some time (a few hours). I have disabled all suspend settings in the Thinkpad power management setup. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to correct this? Is it a Thinkpad power management problem or is it a crappy old network card? Or would this be a non-issue with an SB2 connected to the LAN (i.e. there would be continuous traffic)? I use a Netgear MR814v2 router. Any advice would be appreciated!


2005-09-28, 03:10
It's a W2K system

2005-09-28, 08:22
This is set of tough questions to answer, as there can be so many problems in Windows that could cause such anomalies.

First, you say both "hang" and "goes to sleep" in the same description. These are two vastly different things. If the network card driver is hanging, this is a driver problem and you'll need to get an updated driver to resolve. If replacing the driver does not solve the problem, there could be higher level network stack issues. Its just not possible to know without further tests.

The network card should not go to sleep w/out the system itself going into low power or sleep modes. All this APM and ACPI stuff is quite simply in theory, but in implementation is a nightmare.

If you disble sleep mode and the rest of the system is responsive, but your network wedges, this sounds driver-related.

I'm afraid you'll have to do a little diagnostic work to narrow down the problem a bit.