View Full Version : File name displayed instead of track title

2005-09-27, 13:00
When I browse music, navigate to artist, then album, then track, instead of seeing the track name as per the MP3 tag I am presented with the file name. If I select right again to see file details, I can see all the tags correctly including track name. This is the same for all my hundreds of albums.

This is with my new SB2. I'm sure all my MP3s are fully tagged correctly. I have gone through the menus and can't see anything to change this.

Anyone know what I've missed?


2005-09-27, 18:44
Are you using Browse Music Folder? That doesn't read the tags or the DB. If you use Browse Artist etc you should see the proper details.

2005-09-28, 13:38
Thanks, that's sorted my understanding. SB2 has so more to offer than my original Slimp3 :)