View Full Version : SB problems with handset or SlimServer

2005-09-27, 11:48
I am getting the message "Please wait requesting..." on the SB almost all the time now.

It obviously connects to SS fine, since if you play something via the interface it shows up on the SB. But the SB controls don't work

I have reset the SB and reconnected (by holding down the power button) but to no avail - the SB immediately goes to the clock when I connect to Slimserver and the remote will not work.

I have also noticed that albums frequently seem to stop playing after 10 or 15 mins...

Anyone have any ideas on the problem?


Slimserver v6.1b1
Firmware 14.. and the mac address is correct
Windows 2000
Wireless connection 64bit WEP, 85% signal strength