View Full Version : Duplicate album name in Web playlist

2005-09-26, 13:51
I'm running the nightly from the 25th and noticed that the format of the playlist in my Web browser has duplicate Album names.

I use the following custom format.


.. results in the following ...

4. Phoenix From The Flames from I've Been Expecting You by Robbie Williams from I've Been Expecting You
16. Risin' To The Top (Give It All You Got) from Lets Groove Again Disc 2 by Keni Burke from Lets Groove Again Disc 2
8. You're in the air from Up by R.E.M from Up

The last album name is a link to album info. I then noticed that the "built in" format TRACKNUM. TITLE from ALBUM by ARTIST results in the album name being duplicated in the playlist.

Is this intended?
It seems weird and it doesn't happen on the SB2 display using the same format.

BTW - I'm running the Random Mix plugin to create the play list but selecting an album results in the same format.

SlimServer Version: 6.2b1 - 4428 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252