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2005-09-26, 11:40
Am I out of luck importing my itunes playlists into Slim Server, because my music library is located on a NAS drive (with open shares)? I had to change the directories to UNC paths (and now the service can load up), but none of my playlists showed up when I scanned my music. Is it possible to pull those in, and if not, how can I make new playlists in the slim server web interface. Let me know what other information you need.

2005-09-26, 13:28
Is your itunes XML library file on the NAS share also?
AFAIK - this file needs to be on the same drive as the slimserver. So if yo copy the XML file over you can specify the path to it in Server settings.


2005-10-06, 11:11
The xml files are located on the local computer, but what I found out is that the paths are different. the itunes directory has the path as D:\...musiclibrary and the slim server softare thinks that path is \\UNCPATH...musiclibrary. How do you create playlists in slim server software? I will just remake them.

2005-10-25, 15:07
It'd really be great if SlimServer had an intelligent playlist interpretation feature that could handle different paths. Many people store all their music on NAS boxes and may run SlimServer on those boxes, but run iTunes on multiple different computers, etc.

If one could export playlists in XML from iTunes and have SlimServer automagically Just Work with them, that'd be great.

For example, let's say all music is stored in the following directory on a NAS box that is also running slimserver:


Which contains subfolders like

/shares/media/music/classic rock and oldies/singles

Now let's say one exports a playlist from iTunes on a Windows machine with a network-mounted drive that sees this path as

X:\music\classic rock and oldies\singles

It'd be REALLY sweet if SlimServer could figure that path discrepancy out by itself.

2005-10-25, 15:47
Quoting neurophyre <neurophyre.1xhamo (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:

> It'd be REALLY sweet if SlimServer could figure that path discrepancy
> out by itself.

unfortunately, it just isn't so easy to work out code to translate
multiple path
possibilities. It woudl probably result in a painful amount of time testing
each case for a readable file. Then, you have the difficulty of chosing which
is the right one if you have two matching filenames on two different machines.

However, with a single mapped windows drive and a single root folder in linux,
you can set it up to handle that. Look at the iTunes settings tab in server
settings. I have my music mapped to J: and mounted in /media. iTunes parses
files and playlists. I just find that it doesn't really offer my
anything over
raw file scan (the "smart" playlists don't outweigh resource cost of
the UI for

2005-10-25, 16:11
A couple clarifications:

1) My iTunes instances are on completely separate machines from SlimServer and my music repository. (What I mean to point out by this is that SlimServer doesn't have access to any of my iTunes metadata.)

2) I'm only talking about support for this with exported playlists (from iTunes and maybe other programs). It wouldn't be terribly painful, I don't think, particularly if the processing were only done one time and then stored. Basically all that has to happen is the divining of a base path, not a search of the entire directory structure.