View Full Version : Players skip when Synchronized!

2005-09-25, 23:29
I added a second Squeezebox to my system recently. The idea was to use it as a remote display, so I could see what was playing when away from the Server and main SQ Player.

When I sync it with the first player, the playback occasionally skips and sometimes stops!

Does this put an excessive load on the processor? It seems OK when it's not synced- but that doesn't accomplish the purpose!

Is it possible/worthwhile to have a mode where the displays are sync'ed, but no music is streamed to the synced players?

The main player is an original Squeezebox on an Ethernet connection, and the second is a Squeezebox2 via 802.11g wireless.

I've also noticed that crossfading doesn't seem to work when the players are synced- should it work on the SQ2, even if the SQ1 doesn't support it?

I'm running 6.2b1 - 3920 SlimServer- what's the most stable version so far that supports these features?