View Full Version : 6pin - 4pin Firewire/1394 cable???

2005-09-25, 08:32
Hi all

Looking to bolster the meagre (40gb) storage on my Dell Inspiron 5150 in preparation for an SB2, and the Maxtor One Touch II 300gb external USB/Firewire looks good. However, both my USB ports are already in use, so I'd like to use my 1394 port. I think it is a 4 pin input (how can I verify this?) but the cable supplied with the Maxtor is a 6pin to 6 pin. If it turns out that my 1394 port is indeed a 4pin, could I use a 6pin to 4pin cable from the Maxtor, or would this not work/adversely affect performance?



2005-09-25, 08:41
Don't worry about it too much!
Laptops generally have the smaller (4 pin) firewire ports, whereas desktops and add on cards have the 6 pin jobbies!
AFAIK the 4 pin connectors can't/don't supply power to the device (ie your iPod wouldn't charge) but that won't be an issue for the hard drive as it has its own power. There isn't a difference in data throughput.


2005-09-25, 08:51

i plugged my LaCie Big Drive also on my JVC Subnotebook and it works perfectly, cause the Drive has its own Power Supply.

btw. you can also use a USB Extenderbox....