View Full Version : Connecting to SqueezeNetwork for the first time

2005-09-24, 17:57
I have an iBook G3/500 and just installed an SB2 and SlimServer 6.1.1, opened ports 3483 and 9000. MP3s and radio play but when I try to connect to the SqueezeNetwork, I can't. I haven't been able to get my Squeezebox PIN. I've tried it with the browser interface active and with it off. Sorry I don't have more info, I'm at a loss here - the box tells me it can't connect, not why. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


2005-09-24, 18:54
Additionaly, pinging "service.us.squeezenetwork.com" from my computer was UNsuccessfull.


2005-09-24, 21:15
I'm able to ping it just fine. Perhaps a firewall problem on your end, or your ISPs?

2005-09-25, 05:58
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I had to lower the intensity of the gateway/router firewall to "yellow alert" from orange. Everythings fine now. Thanks again.