View Full Version : Remaining Time In Playlist

2005-09-24, 16:03
As far as I can see, the only remaining time function that I can display is time remaining in current track. Is this correct?

The time remaining function that I would find most valuable is time remaining in current playlist (if I sit down to listen to an album I want to know when the album will be finished not just the current track). Is this possible? If not then I think it would be a really useful enhancement. It would need to be carefully implemented at the server level because a playlist is potentially a dynamic entity but the server is the gatekeeper to any playlist changes so it could make the necessary dynamic adjustments if tracks are added or deleted and personally I would be happy if the client display was re-checked at the end of each track to check for dynamic playlist changes.

Is this an old request (I didn't find anything from my forum searches)? Do people think it has merit?

- Julian

2005-09-24, 19:40
As a new user, I agree.
It was one of the first things I was planning to suggest.