View Full Version : SlimServer will not start

2005-09-24, 13:56
Running Windows XP SP2 and my Slimserver will not start. It installed with no problems but just continues to try to start.
I installed it on another system and it works fine, same OS and service packs. I tried running it on the other machine but the MP3s are on a network drive and it will not point to them. So I am stuck trying to get it working on the system with the MP3's.
Anything to check on the system that the server will not start on?

2005-09-25, 01:34
Check out this thread, it may be of use.


2005-09-26, 05:52
> MP3s are on a network drive and it will not point to them

Good chance that the SlimServer service on your remote machine is running under LocalSystem which generally has no rights to network shares. If you want to access your share via SlimServer on the remote box, change the logon credentials in the service and make sure your network share offers at least read access to the credentials provided to the service.