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2005-09-23, 22:20

I have a problem with disk images encoded in Monkey audio APE files with CUE files. I cannot change tracks during the playback. When I press the "next track" button, the squeezebox displays the title of the next track, but always starts playing the first track. It is the same if CUE file is separate or embedded inside APE file. Changing the stream format of APE files to FLAC or WAV does not help. (Also if the stream format is set to WAV, then each APE file always starts with a click.) On the other hand, FLAC files with (embedded) CUE work fine. I tried both slimserver 6.1 and 6.2 (beta) and had the same problem. Can anybody explain how to fix this? Thank you.

2005-09-23, 23:20
On 23-Sep-05, at 10:20 PM, yomoyo wrote:

> Can
> anybody explain how to fix this? Thank you.
If you look in convert.conf for the line: 'flc flc transcode *', you'll
notice that the command line after that includes:

--skip=$START$ --until=$END$

This is how the flac files are handling the skipping of tracks. if you
wish to have this work with your APE files, you will need to have
similar command line options for the software codec that handles APE.
I do not believe that mac currently supports skipping, so you have your
work cut out for you if you want to solve this with the default
installation. if you can find another APE software codec that works,
then you could try that. The START and END parameters are substituted
at play time by the server.


2005-09-24, 08:56
Thanks for the explanation. Is there another transcoder that supports skipping? In foobar2000 one can easily skip tracks in ape files. So I guess there should be a solution.