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2005-09-23, 14:28
Ok here is a wierd one.

I went to listen to some music on the SB tonight and noticed only one channel was working (right one if that is relevant), so assumed it was a loose connection to the amp.

Checked all cables and they seemed ok, played a cd and it worked fine both channels. So I swapped the leads over from the SB with some spares and still only one channel worked. So I changed the leads from the SB to the CD inputs on the amp; still only one channel worked.

I have three sets of speakers connected through a switch to my amp and all three sets only had sound coming out of the right hand speaker. I checked this very thoroughly and know that it was not my imagination.

I then selected an Internet radio station (Davidbyrne) and both channels worked!

I then changed the leads back to the original SB inputs on the amp, played an album on the SB and it worked on both channels.

SlimServer Version: 6.1.1 - 3774 - Windows XP Pro
Last night's firmware

Is this a bug or has someone doped my wine?

I really, really, hope someone else has had an experience like this or it means I need to go and see the head-doctor on Monday morning.


2005-09-23, 15:12
Never heard of this, but don't go for the head exam just yet.

What format were the files that only played on one channel?

2005-09-24, 05:23
They were AACs.

I am going to try and replicate this now.

I've told the shrink to make it a provisional booking...

2005-09-24, 06:17
Well I failed to replicate the missing channel phenomenon, so I've confirmed the appointment with the shrink.

Sean - please feel free to delete this thread if you want.