View Full Version : Music drops out when executing search

2005-09-23, 07:54
I've gotten accustomed to running the latest rpm
available and tried to search items while a song
was playing and got a dropout for about 2 seconds.
I thought with the introduction of SQLite, this
issue might have been solved.

I have a celeron p4 2.2ghz with fc3 and a bunch of
other apps running on it, but the load average
rarely gets much above .2. When I execute the
search, the load briefly jumps to 1 (and sound stops
on the sbg at precisely the same time) and then
back down again. Is this something that
is being worked on, or did I trip over a bug

I searched bugs.slimdevices.com and came up with
no hits for the search terms "drop out", "dropout"
or "music stops", or a relevant bug when using the
term "search".

I'd be happy to open one up if it doesn't already exist.