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2005-09-22, 15:00
Quite a few of my albums have the wrong album cover appearing on SlimServe. I need to clear them out [delete?] and start again, but I have deleted the album cover file in the Tag&Rename software. Where else does the album cover get stored. The main problem I have is that for quite a few artists I have more than one album by that artist. But when I look at all albums by that particular artist it shows the same album cover for all albums by that artist, even though I have selected the correct album cover art for each album by that artist. Hope this makes sense!!!

Andrew Smith

2005-09-22, 15:11
Slimserver will look for cover art in the file tags, but also a selection of
image files that are contained in the same directory as the music file. If you
have multiple albums from the same artist all contained in the same directory,
then you will see the image for all of those albums. The filenames to look for



2005-09-23, 01:11
There are no image files that are contained in the same directory as the music files.

All images are done as tags using Tag&Rename.

I set up the album covers by attaching the album cover to all tracks from that album. So if you have 2 albums by one artist each with 12 tracks, I attached the album cover for album 1 to all tracks from album 1, then I atached the album cover for album 2 to all tracks from album 2, but when looking at album 1 and album 2 on SlimServe I only ever see the image of album 1 even on album 2! If I delete both album 1 and 2 images from all tracks using Tag&Rename after doing a full scan with SlimServe the images
are still there.

Am I doing something wrong?

Andrew Smith