View Full Version : any linkstations to avoid ?

2005-09-22, 13:47
I understand that there are several versions of the Linkstation available that use varying hardware configs. Are there any that are recommended, or should be avoided, for running a Slimserver ? (+web server)

2005-09-23, 01:20
Buffalo changed the Linkstation to use a MIPS cpu instead of the PPC cpu that was in the original boxes. Although the MIPS-powered box can run slimserver, etc, I would always go for the PPC powered linkstations, mainly because there is a lot of Linux support for the PPC cpu's, while there seems to be a lot less support for MIPS cpus.

I am runnung Buffalo's Kurobox HG, which is the equivalent to the Linkstation HG and have Gentoo loaded, so I have access to loads of software.

Anyway, if you go to The LinkstationWiki at http://linkstationwiki.org you should find out answers to all your questions.