View Full Version : SlimServer 6.1.1 woes on Buffalo LinkStation

2005-09-22, 09:59

As a newbie SlimServer/SqueezeBox2 user, I fired up a slimserver (6.1.1) on a Buffalo LinkStation per the excellent instructions http://www.fieldnetworks.com/. Having written kernel code at Cray Research back in early 90's, I'm reasonably comfortable with working on linux/unix systems. :)

The install went flawlessly and upon arrival of the SqueezeBox2, I was able to configure the SB2 and actually start playing music within 10 minutes. Everything went swimmingly and the ease of setup exceeded my expectations -- even after reading how easy it is on these forums. :)

However, the very next day, the SB2 refused to play any song from the LinkStation. It showed the play lists, it let me browse and search, but as soon as it tried to play, the SB2 would sit at 0:00 -- and do nothing more.

I connected to the slimserver on the LS using iTunes from my laptop, and the songs would stream without any problems. However the SB2 remained stuck. I bounced the slimserver (several times); I bounced the SB2 (several times); I reconfigured the SB2 to use ethernet (instead of wireless); I reindexed the slimserver archive; I verified firmware versions; I verified software versions. All to no avail. I even watched the slimserver process on the LS (top/vmstat) and through out this, it was idle (or darn close -- except during the reindex of course), so I can't blame the lack of memory on the LS.

At this point, I was starting to suspect that the SB2 was faulty. So I brought up a slimserver on my main desktop (running WinXP), reconfigured the SB2 to use that as the source, and viola -- it worked perfectly. Yay for having music again, but ARGH!

At this point, I'm completely out of ideas. For now, I'll keep using the desktop as my server, but part of the appeal to use this device was to stream the data directly off the LS. If anyone has any additional debugging suggestions or, even better, has encountered this issue, I'd love to hear about it.

Thank you for your time,
Northland Bob