View Full Version : "Can't Open File" Why Not?

2005-09-21, 20:50

I'm a new owner of a squeezbox2. It works pretty well, but when I try to play some of my mp3's the squeezebox says "Can't Open File" on the display.

I can play these files on my computer using winamp and rhapsody, so I can't understand why they won't play on the box. Other mp3's work fine.

I recently ran musicbrainz tagger at the suggestion of my son, would changing the filenames after slim server has already scanned my drive cause this?


2005-09-21, 21:04
Yep, that is exactly why.

You will need to rescan and ideally tell it to throw the existing database away (or you'll have piles of duplicates, some of which won't exist).

2005-09-22, 11:19
That worked. Thanks. Any chance this could be added to the FAQ?