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2005-09-21, 13:27
I was going to file these as enhancment requests, but I'm not sure anyone wants a bunch of dinky requests in bugzilla.

First, put _something_ on the screen when a search returns zero results.

Give an option to return either tracks, albums, or artists (add composers and others when they're added as search possibilities). The default should be to return tracks, but if I'm searching for an album, then I may just want to see albums that match the search string listed. Same with artists.

The "Clear" button shouldn't be labeled as such, since it doesn't clear the search form except when the form was empty. On subsequent searches, with data in the form fields, it does a "Reset". You could add a "Clear" button, but it would need to reload the empty form by recalling the page.

Display a count of results returned and/or number the items in the list returned.

The file format choices should be compiled from the actual file formats in the library. If I have no 'Shorten' files, there's no need to show it as an option.