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2005-09-21, 12:51
In another thread on this forum ("Artist/Artistsort tags not what is really needed") I have been discussing the use of Browse Music Folders to get round a problem I am having (thanks to eq72521 for pointing me in that direction). I have two issues with Browse Music Folders that I'd like to file bugs on but I thought I'd canvas opinion and advice beforehand just in case I'm wasting time.

My first issue is that for various reasons I want to make extensive use of shortcuts in my music folder. I've done some experiments on my Windows XP system and if I create a shortcut "Bowie, David" that points to another directory with all my David Bowie albums in it then Browse Music Folders sees this link OK and if I click on it it goes to the directory with all the David Bowie albums in it. Basically it all works perfectly but the only small iritation is that the link appears in the Browse Music Folders listing (as viewed via the web interface or via Telcanto client) as "David, Bowie.lnk". Am I correct in assuming that filing a request to supress the ".lnk" would be pretty uncontroversial? I am told that this doesn't appear when running on Linux and it doesn't appear when browsing via the SB2 itself so I assume it would be a bit of a no-brainer to supress it in the web interface as well. Can anyone think of any issues with doing this?

My second issue with Browse Music Folders is that once I get down to a directory with all the artist's album sub directories in it then they are displayed in alphabetical order (the albums are each in their own subdirectory that is named as just the title of the album). On my PC I have taken great care to order the subdirectories so that they are in album chronological order. Is there any good reason why SlimServer sorts them into alphabetical order? It would be far more flexible if it could retain the order in which they have been laid out on disk. If you want them in alphabetical order then you can always just sort each directory in windows using "Arrange Icons by Name". Is there some reason why SlimServer can't get the information to retain the original on-disk ordering of the subdirectories?

- Julian

2005-09-21, 13:17
(1) suppressing ".lnk" ... I guess it would be easy enough to code, and I agree it would look better. The only possible catch is that you are asking the program to treat a specific value of what is otherwise an unrestricted string - the name of the link target - in a different way from all the other possible values, which is slightly less than elegant.

(2)I'm not sure how you are guaranteeing that the order on disc is what you think it is. By the order in which you create the folders? Sounds a bit fragile to me. A backup and restore, for example, or even a copy from one disc to another, could easily break this. Have you considered instead putting the year at the beginning of the album folder name, eg "1999 - Some Album" ?


2005-09-21, 13:33
If you are using Slimserver 6.2: there's a thread about the decision to make Browse Music Folder use filenames instead of tags (check the Beta folder on this forum). This was, as I understand, chosen to make the BMF work faster.
Because I also use BMF as main navigation, I decided to rename all my files in the Artist-Album-Track#-Title format.
Which is not a perfect solution, because in BMS a lot of tracks only show the artist and album because the filenames are too long to show all. (BMF is the only place using filenames; Browse/Search artist etc. work with the tag info)

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