View Full Version : ExBrowse3 crashing with MusicMagic playlists

2005-09-20, 12:08
Mandrake 10.1, flac and mp3 files, musicmagic, latest nightly(20/9)

When I create a musicmagic playlist and start playing it using the
remote the song starts to play fine. If I then load up ExBrowse3 in my
browser the server crashes with the following:

[slimserver@mandrake john]$ /usr/local/slimserver/slimserver.pl
Can't locate object method "contributors" via package
(perhaps you forgot to load
at /usr/local/slimserver/Plugins/RPC.pm line 71.
2005-09-20 20:02:24.3013 disablePlugin() is deprecated! Please use
shutdownPlugin() instead. (Plugins::Random)

It does /not/ crash if it is not a musicmagic playlist or if I load up
another skin. Hence my assumption it is a problem specific to exbrowse
and musicmagic.

I do not think this happened with exbrowse2

happy to provide further info