View Full Version : Problems since the save playlist plugin is case sensitive

2005-09-19, 09:14
The "Save Playlist" plugin seems to be case sensitive. Thus, it is possible to save playlist with names which differ only in the use of capital or lower case letters (z.B. "List" and "list"). Since on Windows there is no difference between small and capital letters in filenames there is a problem when those playlist are (automatically) written to disc. It seems that an existing playlist is overwritten with the new contents. On the server, however, the two different playlist do still exist.

Shouldn't playlist names be case insensitive?

Moreover, the playlist plugin uses small letter as default when saving a playlist. The first letter is shown as "A" but all further letters are small letters when pressing right. If you overwrite the first "A" with another character then this new character is also a lower case letter per default. All other lists which use this kind of input (e.g. the "Search for" lists) use captital letters as default input values.

Philip Downer
2005-09-20, 02:05
On Mon, 2005-09-19 at 09:14 -0700, dip wrote:
> Shouldn't playlist names be case insensitive?

No, because SlimServer is multi platform and some operating systems are
case sensitive.


2005-09-20, 02:20
I know, but since it is multi platform capable there must be a solution which works for ALL platforms. If the file names of the saved playlists are case sensitive this does not work for Windows (and in fact results in that some playlists will be overwritten).

If the playlists would be case insensitive they would work for all platforms. Of course, under linux it would not be possible to use playlist which are only different in captital/small letters, but do you really distinguish between playlist names due to the spelling in capital/small letters?

An approach could be to use the spelling of the letters for the playlist names in the database as they are input but to use only capital letters for the files which are written to disk. If a new playlist is created using an existing name, but a different spelling, a warning could be displayed.