View Full Version : Not recognising genre of certain music?

Mike White
2005-09-18, 14:09
I have installed version 6.1.2 - 4157, nightly build of 9-17-05, on Windows XP, SP2, and have seen something that is a bit odd.

I have two albums, one with an assigned genre of easy listening, and one with the assigned genre of celtic.

All music on each album has the correct genre marked, as has been verified by using other programs, however one track on each of these two albums is not apparently being read correctly as far as genre is concerned. Neither of these two tracks is listed in the proper genre when I browse by genre, but are rather listed in the catagory of "No Genre", which is obviously incorrect.

I have rescanned my library twice, the second time clearing the library before scanning, and the problem is still present.

I previously was running slimserver 6.1.1, and I believe that this problem also existed there, although I cannot be sure, as I was trying to clear up other issues, and wasn't concentrating on this.

Mike White
2005-09-18, 16:24
Did one more rescan and the problem disappeared. This time I did a rescan to add another CD to the library, and the issue seemed to disappear.