View Full Version : The Emperor's New Replay Gain?

2005-09-18, 09:36
I'm playing with replay gain, but I'm still not entirely convinced that it's working. My collection is all flac, and has track and album gain info added by metaflac. I've been listening to it on random over the weekend, with Volume Adustment set to Smart. However, I still seem to be getting quite a few tracks at a much lower volume than others. I appreciate that replay gain only shifts the max volume, so tracks with a great dynamic range will still have very quiet bits, but I don't think this is the case. It's really hard to work out if I think things are much better now, or if I am just expecting them to be so (the placebo replay gain!).

Could someone explain exactly how replay gain should work? Is the information read from the flac files by the sb2, or is it stored in the database (therefore requiring a rescan for it to start working on newly added metadata). Is it only read and applied at track start, or can I turn replay gain on/off mid-track and expect to hear a volume change (I haven't heard one yet).

What I could really do with is an extra info field on the track info menu to tell me that replay gain is active and that the current track has been adjusted by x dBs. Even if not a permanent feature, would it be possible to add this to assist with the testing of replay gain?


2005-09-19, 10:25

ReplayGain information is read from tags at scan times and stored in the
database. It is only applied at track start currently, so turning it on
and off mid-track will not change playback volumes immediately. I'll
look into some sort of UI feedback to indicate that ReplayGain is active.